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Great Books Assessment Questions
Spring 2006, Arapahoe Community College

Please take a few moments to answer these questions about the Great Books course you are finishing. Your answers will be most helpful if they are as specific and as honest as possible. In other words, feel free to share both positive and negative comments without fear of offending your professor.

  1. Did you sign up for this Great Books section because you were interested in the Great Books program? Or was time/date/requirement the primary reason?
  2. What do you like most about this Great Books course?
  3. What do you like least about this Great Books course?
  4. Do you feel this Great Books course helped you in other courses? (Did it put the material into context for your other courses? Did it help you draw connections between courses in other areas/disciplines?)
  5. What readings and discussions did you find most interesting in this course?
  6. What readings did you find the most challenging in this course?
  7. What changes would you recommend for future Great Books sections of this course?
  8. Would you take another Great Books course? Why or why not?

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