Awards and Media Recognition

The National Great Books Curriculum and its partner institutions to date have received grants and awards from the following organizations:

Selected Articles on the Great Books Curriculum

Within two years of its inception, the effort by the emergent Wilbur Wright Community College Great Books Curriculum to offer urban minority and underserved students the benefits of studying the Great Books in core courses began to receive attention and plaudits in the media, most notably in a front-page article in the New York Times.

The articles listed below reflect this multifaceted enthusiasm from the public as well as the faculty and students involved in the work.

The articles are listed here for several purposes. One of course is to document the impact on a community that a Great Books Curriculum can have. Another is to enable those interested in learning about Great Books Curricula out of their own curiosity or to expose other faculty, administrators, students to how these programs work.

A third purpose is to reflect and explore underlying issues concerning the Great Books. Originally it was hoped to reprint all of the articles listed below on this site itself. But while an individual can purchase almost all of the articles online at little or no cost, obtaining the necessary permissions from the publishers for placement on a website like this one proved either impossible or prohibitive. Whenever possible, web links to the articles have been supplied below.

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