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The Comparison of Five Wooden Floors Oct 18 2016, 11:45pm

Solid wood flooring is a kind of floor decoration material formed by drying and processing of wood, which basically keeps the natural pattern of raw materials, and comfortable in use, and its safety is its main characteristic. [url= flooring.html]Outdoor WPC Flooring[/url] Solid wood flooring is made of natural trees, and thus "environmental protection" is a major feature. In advocating nature, back to nature today, solid wood flooring is mainly used for home decoration, bedroom, living room, study and other common ground its presence. Solid wood flooring materials from a very large number of trees, and thus the price difference is very large, precious rosewood, teak, a more common maple wood, oak, ash, cheap Chinese fir, pine and so on. At present, the types of solid wood flooring on the market of decoration materials are mainly based on the level of the floor. The flat floor, the parquet floor and the vertical wood floor are not favored by the consumers, and the market share is not much. [url= wood-plastic-materials.html]Environmentally wood-plastic materials[/url]The price is generally 100 to 400 yuan / per square meter, your nearly thousand dollars. Thus, industry sources, [url= panels.html]WPC decorative wall panels[/url]the price factor is an important reason for restricting the sales of solid wood flooring, only better economic conditions, consumers will use. The world is not perfect things, solid wood flooring is also true, it is the biggest drawback is easy to deformation, not wear, difficult maintenance, which has become an obstacle to buy. [url=]wholesale wood fencing panels[/url] Laminate flooring - pragmatist favorites, laminate flooring, laminated with high-density fiberboard, its unique structure to wear, color varieties, color harmony, moisture, fire-retardant, anti-ultraviolet, anti-ultraviolet, anti- Strong impact, anti-static, anti-Chongzhu, anti-mildew, quick and easy installation, maintenance and other fine performance, in line with modern fast-paced people

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