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The Development of Wood - plastic Industry in China Oct 31 2016, 10:12pm

From the current geographical distribution of domestic wood- plastic enterprises, the eastern far more than the middle and west,[url= wall-panel.html]outdoor wall panel[/url] of which the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta region's wood-plastic enterprises are the most concentrated; to the level of technology, individual enterprises in the eastern part of the more leading technology; The number of products and the absolute superiority of the market.[url= corrosion-outdoor-fence.html]Durable outdoor fence[/url] Some of the key enterprises in the industry's products have reached or exceeded the international advanced level, and many other companies are also gradually highlights the characteristics of their products. China's wood-plastic industry is currently one of the few manufacturing industries in Europe and the United States can be an equal dialogue with the developed countries, one of China's wood-plastic has been ready to go to the world. In recent years, in China, the development of wood-plastic has also been a specific application.[url= quality-anti-corrosion-patio-decking.html]patio decking[/url] After the foam PVC plastic composite material, due to the existence of good cell structure, can passivate the crack tip and effectively prevent the expansion of the crack, while the wood powder surface treatment, it can be PVC resin good Run Wet, to achieve the best binding interface. This significantly improves the impact resistance and ductility of the material, greatly reducing the density of the product. [url= decking-price.html]outdoor decking price[/url] Extrusion micro- foaming method with its low cost, high efficiency, time- consuming and easy to achieve industrialization and other advantages, so that the added value of PVC wood-plastic composite material greatly improved, the 21st century, the ideal replacement for decorating materials.

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