Symposium: Great Books Student Scholarly Journal
Issue One

Volume I Spring 2000 Number 1
A Journal of Great Books Curriculum Wright College Student
Research, Inquiry and Opinion
General Editor
Professor Bruce Gans
Professor Margo Garriepy
Dean of Instruction Donald Barshis

Please direct all inquiries to Professor Bruce Gans. Wright College. Room L372. 4300 N. Narragansett. Chicago, Illinois 60634. Ph: 773 481-8014. Email:

Bruce Gans Introduction
The Ancient World
William Wojtas A Politically Incorrect Defense of the Athenian Empire
Michael Fortunato A Moral and Practical Analysis of Military Empires
Joseph Spisak Just Win, Baby: Nicias, Alcibiades and the Sicilian Expedition
Gabriela Arcan Good Man, Bad Man, Traitor: Aspects of Alcibiades
Catherine Rodriguez The Failure of Utopia in Aristophanes’ Assembly of Women
The Dark Ages
Neil A. Lumbowski It’s All About Respect: Social Codes in Beowulf
The Enlightenment
Diane Tirado Great Chain of Being in Pope’s “Essay on Man”
The Romantic Era
Jack Wilson Dueling Aesthetics: The Poetics of Wordsworth and Coleridge
The Modern Age
Charles Brown The Search for Peace in “A Clean Well Lighted Place”
Jeffrey Glenn Happiness is an Inside Job: Old Man and the Sea
Carol Fosse Racism in Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man
Barbara Sherman Ellison’s Influence and Inspirations for The Invisible Man