Symposium: Great Books Student Scholarly Journal
Issue One
Volume I Spring 2000 Number 1
A Journal of Great Books Curriculum Wright College Student

Research, Inquiry and Opinion

General Editor: Professor Bruce Gans

Editors: Professor Margo Garriepy and Dean of Instruction Donald Barshis

Please direct all inquiries to Professor Bruce Gans. Wright College. Room L372. 4300 N. Narragansett. Chicago, Illinois 60634. Ph: 773 481-8014. Email:

Bruce Gans Introduction
The Ancient World
William Wojtas A Politically Incorrect Defense of the Athenian Empire
Michael Fortunato A Moral and Practical Analysis of Military Empires
Joseph Spisak Just Win, Baby: Nicias, Alcibiades and the Sicilian Expedition
Gabriela Arcan Good Man, Bad Man, Traitor: Aspects of Alcibiades
Catherine Rodriguez The Failure of Utopia in Aristophanes’ Assembly of Women
The Dark Ages
Neil A. Lumbowski It’s All About Respect: Social Codes in Beowulf
The Enlightenment
Diane Tirado Great Chain of Being in Pope’s “Essay on Man”
The Romantic Era
Jack Wilson Dueling Aesthetics: The Poetics of Wordsworth and Coleridge
The Modern Age
Charles Brown The Search for Peace in “A Clean Well Lighted Place”
Jeffrey Glenn Happiness is an Inside Job: Old Man and the Sea
Carol Fosse Racism in Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man
Barbara Sherman Ellison’s Influence and Inspirations for The Invisible Man

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